Visualise your Linear Project, FAST!

Integrates seamlessly with P6, MS Project and other tools.

Turbo Chart focuses on producing Time Location* Charts as easily as possible by working alongside your scheduling tools and without complicated features, making Turbo-Chart Quicker to Learn and Easier to Use!

*also known as Time Chainage, Lines of Balance, Flowlines

Turbo Chart

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What Are Time Location Charts

Watch our video for a brief overview of Time Location Charts, how they are used and how Turbo Chart can help visualise your Linear Project Schedule

Turbo-Chart Benefits

Quick to learn: hours rather than days spent learning a sophisticated scheduling tool
Easy to use: without unnecessary complexity that you don’t require
Cost effective: avoid paying for features you don’t need or that you wont use

Uncomplicated: designed purely for charting and visualising your existing schedule

Single schedule source: maintain scheduling data in your preferred tool like P6, MS Project or any spreadsheet/table capable tool
Fast: create charts in minutes, update charts in seconds

How It Works


Generate Time location charts with ease, using your existing schedule by simply adding location and display coding


Import data in seconds directly from your Oracle Primavera P6 database, exported XER’s or directly from spreadsheets


Use shape libraries, filters and chart options to create custom Time Location charts that can be saved and exchanged in a custom file


Present multiple schedule’s data, filtered task sets and pre-configured layouts as your project schedule continues to develop and progress.

Turbo Chart Examples

Metro Tunnel

This example of a Metro Tunnel Project shows the Works occuring at fixed Station locations and the tunnelling works between these stations. Also shown is a comparison between a baseline and current sets of schedule data.

No. of  Tasks Displayed: 930

High Rise Building

An example of a high-rise building schedule in Time Location format. Showing the Vertical elevations (location) of the building on the vertical axis, time on the horizontal axis, and the various trades and tasks for each floor of the building on the main chart area.

Approx. No. of  Tasks Displayed: 490

Pipeline / Fibre Optic Network

An example of multiple legs of a linear network repreenting works occuring over 1,000’s of kms at fixed positions along the network, and tasks that connect cabling/piping between those fixed positions.

Approx. No. of  Tasks Displayed: 3,600

Powerline Transmission Project

An example of over 800kms of a Transmission network deployment. Time Location charts clearly demonstrates the sequencing and crewing requirements for the project schedule being executed.

Approx. No. of  Tasks Displayed: 95

Railway Summary

Example of a high-level summary Time location chart for a railway construction project.

Approx. No. of  Tasks Displayed: 70

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